Wireless 24 Key IR Remote Controller For LED Single Color 3528/5050 Strip Light for Sale with BTC on Gipsybee.com


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LED Strip Accessories

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Product Specification

Type:24Key RF Remote Controller
Connection mode: Common Anode(+)
Supply Voltage: DC 5V-24V
Max Output: 6A
Working Temperature: -20-60 Deg.
For single color 3528(5-20meter) or 5050(5-10meter) led strip lighs!

Fuctions of Keys:
Brightness+,Brightness-,On/Off,0-100% brightness,
1 Hz flash,2 Hz flash,3 Hz flash,
5s,10s,15s,20s smooth.etc.

Control box dimension: 50mm x 35mm x 22mm
Remote controller dimension: 85mm x 52mm x 6mm
Remote controller battery: 1 x CR2025 (Included)
Control range: 10cm - 500cm RGB LED Strips
Support 10 meters SMD 5050 30LEDs/M LED Strips or 5 meters SMD 5050 60LEDs / M LED Strips

Package Content:
1 x IR Controller
1 x Remote