4 Pin Waterproof Male Female Extension Cable Connector For LED RGB Strip Light for Sale with BTC on Gipsybee.com


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LED Strip Accessories

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Product Specification

1. Easy connection to light with terminal block;
2. Overload protection;
3. Open load protection;
4. Overheat protection;
5. Open load Short-circuit protection;
6. Soft start for maximum LED life.
7. LED Extension Cable
8. 4 PIN 4*22# UL cartified cable with male and female connectors at the both ends
9. Lenght:40cm/60cm/1m/2m/3m

Waterproof IP67 40cm/60cm/1m/2m/3m 4-pin extension cable for waterproof RGB color led floor light.
They are SC-B101C/ SC-B102C/ SC-B104C/ SC-B106C /SC-B107C/SC-B108C/SC-B109C/SC-B110C/SC-F103C/SC-F104C/SC-F105C/SC-F106C/SC-F107C

Package included:
1 x 4 Pin Extension cable