24COB/8COB Outdoor Solar Lamp Street Lights with Remote Control IP65 Waterproof for Garden Yard for Sale with BTC on Gipsybee.com


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LED Street Lights

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Product Specification

1. The built-in chip is powerful, the battery life is enough to illuminate the whole night, and the light is uniform and durable
2. Professional-grade solar panels, polycrystalline silicon panels have a large light area, using solar cells with a conversion rate of 17.8%, PET technology, good light transmission, fast storage, and long life
3. Upgraded battery capacity, the upgraded battery capacity has a long light-up time and a long service life
4. Smart remote control, with memory function, can adjust the daylight mode, it is more convenient to use
5. Ultrasonic integrated molding, will not crack the shell, degumming and water leakage, and enhance the service life
6. Automatically charge during the day, and automatically light up at night, save worry and effort, automatically charge and turn on the lights every day
7. IP65 Waterproof, Featuring corrosion-resistant ABS plastic, protected by the IP65 waterproof, solar powered light with dual lamps is a good choice both your indoor and outdoor in all weather conditions like rain, wind, snow, frost.

- Product Type: Solar Street Light
- Light source: 24COB, 8COB(Optional)
- Product Type: Remote control type, Standard type(Optional)

- Life time: 8-12 hours
- Lighting area: 80 square meters (24COB), 50 square meters (8COB)
- Mode: human body induction + light control
- Size:
24COB: 49x13.5cm/19.3x5.3''
8COB: 38x15.2cm/15x6''

Package Included:
1 x Outdoor Solar Lamp
1 x Remote control(Optional)
1 Set Accessory Kit