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LED Solar Lights

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Product Specification


Solar panels: 5.5V100MA 0.55W

Battery: 3.7v 800MA lithium battery

Light source: 10LED 2835 SMD

Lumens: 200LM 6000K

Solar panels: 5.5V100MA 0.55W 

Polycrystalline battery: 3.7v 1000MA 

Lithium battery Lumen: 400LM 6000K

Power source: 0.55w

Charging time: 8HLife time:> 10 hours

Plastic material: ABS

Switch: self-locking switch

Induction mode: light sensor, infrared low-body sensors

Induction mode: during the day it does not light up, no one is lit by the day automatically converted to strong light mode (for 30 seconds)

Detection distance: 2-5M 

Protection class: IP65 

Weight: 170G 

Box size: 120x150x50cm

Pinhole switch mode switch must be inserted with a needle on the switch button. Indoor lights can be installed. 

1. White light only shines in the dark, enough energy is absorbed and released in the evening. Pinhole switch must be open with needle 

2. Induction can reach 2-5 meters (evidence of the far too susceptible malfunction) .

3. Low light sensor: light does not shine during the day, at night and immediately after switching on for 30 seconds, 30 seconds after switching back to low light mode.

Package Included:

2 x 10LED Solar Light

2 x Installation Set (screw, pointer, two double-sided adhesive)