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LED Lawn Lights

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Product Specification

Product features:

1. Solar panel 11 photovoltaic panel, charging voltage 5.5 V compared to 4 solar photovoltaic panel charging voltage 2.0V (bigger charging efficiency is higher)
2. The number of lights is 8LED and 2LED, 4LED
3. Battery life: lithium battery 2200mAh 3.7 V 18650 lithium battery.
Note: the voltage of the LED working voltage 3V 3.7 V battery is reduced by 1.2v battery and the power supply of 1.2v 600MAH can be very limited in the same 3V working condition
Advantage: on the premise of big solar panels good day early 1 day, can last 2 days. It can be used for a week.
4. Waterproofing properties: adopt one-piece design, no screw design, solar panel and the main body connection waterproof glue seal dead, before comparison. Waterproofing can be greatly improved, without screw design to avoid.
5. Shell material: the original ABS material + oxidized aviation aluminum is used, compared with the used recycled PC material + aluminum.
6. Pin details: the original ABS material has a good toughness.
7. Design of main board scheme: the design and production process of charging protection for lithium battery: SMT patch and conventional plug-in electric welding stability.
8. The waterproof sealant on the solar panel is sealed with a plastic cover screw,waterproof, beautiful, avoid the screw rust.


Shell color: black
Bead color: warm yellow
Material: ABS material + oxidized aviation aluminum
Battery type: 2200mAh 3.7 V 18650 lithium battery AAAA
Single size: 11 x 12.3 cm
Single buried lamp weight: 160g
Packing size: 12 x 12 x 16cm
Total packaging weight: 800g

Package included:

2 x LED Lawn Light
1 x User manual