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LED Downlights & Spotlights

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Product Specification


Wide Lighting Angle: This 3 Way Ceiling Light has 3 GU10 Rotating Lampholders, which can be swiveled 350 degrees and swung 90 degrees upside down, providing wide lighting angle to satisfied your different requirements.
Good Quality: This Ceiling light fitting is stylish & elegant with good quality and modern looking. Made by Iron and Polished silver chrome, this ceiling light is sturdy and durable.
Generally Applicable: This 3 way ceiling light can be used for any rooms in your house. Such as Living room, Kitchen, hallway and Bathroom(Note this lamp is not waterproof)

Version: GU10
Spot is rotatable and pivotable
Number of light sources: 3 (without bulb)
Dimensions of lamp base: φ85 x 23mm
Package included:

1 x Ceiling Light
Details pictures: