Elfeland 24W AC 160 265V LED Ceiling Lamp 3000K Warm White IP54 Waterproof with 32Pcs 2835 Lamp Beads for Sale with BTC on Gipsybee.com


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LED Ceiling Lights

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Product Specification


Power supply: European household circuit 160-265VAC
Maximum power: 24W
Waterproof: IP54 waterproof
Color temperature: 3000K warm white
Maximum lumens: 2200LM
Number of LEDs: 32PCS
Lamp bead type: 2835 with lens
LED power: single 1W/9V
Installation method: bracket lock screw
Lamp body material: PC+ABS
Shade material: PP
PCB material: aluminum substrate
Product net weight: 350g
Product weight: 483g
Color box size: 234 x 43 x 237mm

Installation method:

1. Fix the chassis on the ceiling and tighten with screws
2. Connect the corresponding circuit cable (note: before installing or removing, the power must be turned off)
3. Fix the lamp body to the metal bracket and install the fixing screws.
4. After the installation is complete, turn on the power and turn on the lights.

1. Strictly follow the operating instructions and do not disassemble the host and accessories.
2. Please read the manual before installing the product.
3. The waterproof rating of this product is IP54, so please do not install it outdoor.

Package includes:

1 x Ceiling light
2 x Mounting screws
2 x Expansion bolt
1 x Manual