AC 110V 15W Dimmable Ultra thin Round LED Panel 1500LM Recessed Ceiling Light with LED Driver for Sale with BTC on


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LED Ceiling Lights

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Product Specification


Light-Emitting Diode or LED lighting uses 90% less energy and lasts 35-50 times longer than incandescent lighting.
This ceiling light used of Acrylic which not only makes the light soft,protect eyes, but also safe and long lifespan.
Ceiling Down Light has high efficiency light distribution technology,high light distribution,high luminous efficiency High Power,energy saving compared to traditional halogen lamps.
Shockproof and damp proof, vibration and corrosion resistance. Environmentally friendly and recyclable.


Model: Panel LED Ceiling Light
Shell Shape: Round
Power: 15W
Voltage: AC 110V
Driver: Constant Current Driver
Light Color: Cool White(5700-6500K)/Warm White(2700-3200K)/Natural White(4000-4500K)
Luminous: 1500LM
Beam Angle: 120 Degree
Shell Color: White
Dimmable: Yes
Material: Acrylic (PC) face mask+Die-casting Alu body
Heat Sink Material: Casting Aluminum Alloy
Work Temperature: -25℃ ~+65℃
Life Time: 150,000H
Package Included:

1 x Panel LED Ceiling Light
1 x LED Driver