36/72W 110V/220V WIFI bluetooth LED Ceiling Light 256 Color RGB Music Dimmable Lamp Remote for Sale with BTC on Gipsybee.com


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LED Ceiling Lights

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Product Specification


1. Made with High quality LED chip, thick acrylic , which ensures the long service time, durable for use.
2. Smart control: The light can be controlled by different method, such as wall switch, mobile APP and remote control, providing more convenience for you to control it.
3. Multi working mode: It have many modes, white light, warm light, neutral light, solid light, scene modes like music rhythm, gradient, colorful flashinging lights to meet your different needs flexibly, very pratical for your daily life.
4. Mobile APP and bluetooth can adjust the brightness, changing color, the remote control can turn the light on and off, adjust the brightness and color, playing songs, adjust the volume, it’s such a smart celling light that will change your concept for ceiling light, it’s like a loyal companion that will take good cares of your mood.
5. Energy-saving: With bright high power led light source, saving much power compare to the same level brightness normal light that doesn’t apply LED chip, Environmental friendly.


Voltage: 220V/110-220V
Wattage: 72W/36W
Diameter: 36cm
Control Mode: Wall switch + mobile APP control + remote control
Light Modes: Adjust to dim or bright, music rhythm, gradient, colorful flashinging light
WiFi version: support amazon, google, Tmall Genie, Xiaodu and other smart audio control, mobile remote control

Package Included:

1 x Smart LED Ceiling Lights
1 x Set of Installation Accessories
1 x Remote Control(Optional)

Details Pictures: