Audew 20LEDS USB Rechargeable Solar Camping Light 1800mAh with Remote Control with Output for Sale with BTC on


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LED Camping Lights

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Product Specification


1. USB solar rechargeable LED lights are essential for home improvement and outdoor activities!
2. Five kinds of light adjustment, follow it to your garden/garden/terrace/balcony/garden/barbecue or street stall to improve your outdoor atmosphere.
3. Energy saving: This is a 3600mah battery-powered lamp, made of sturdy ABS, which provides uniform light through constant light.
4. Charging solar energy, zero electricity bill, great! Easy to implement: The solar rechargeable LED light is easy to carry and can be carried with you without any battery.


Size: 10X9.5CM
Net weight: 230g
Is it waterproof: yes
Battery: 2*18650 battery 1800mAh
Charging method: USB charging
LEDS: 20 LED patches

Package Included:

1X camping light