40M/60M Digital Laser Distance Meter 5M Tape Measuring Laser Reticle 3 In 1 Electronic Roulette Stainless Tape Measure Rangefinders for Sale with BTC on Gipsybee.com


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Laser Rangefinders

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Product Specification


Type: 40M/60M(optional)

Size: 20x10x10cm

Model Number: Reinforcement type

Measurement Accuracy: ±2mm

Product name: Multifunctional Level

Product net weight: 132g

Product material: ABS plastic

Unit of measurement: m/in/ft

Laser type: 635mm≤1mW

Automatically turn off the laser time: 30 seconds

Automatic shutdown time: 180 seconds

Data storage: 20 groups

Continuous measurement: Support

Area measurement: Support

Volume measurement: Support

Pythagorean theorem measurement: Support

Power display: Support

Working temperature: 0~40℃

Storage temperature: -10~50℃

Minimum scale: 1mm

Tape width: 19mm

Unit: Metric system

Tape material: 65 manganese steel

FOR 1: Laser Distance Meter

FOR 2: Laser Tape Measure

FOR 3: Digital Distance Meter

FOR 4: Digital Electronic Roulette

FOR 5: Stainless Tape Measure

FOR 6: Laser Tape Measure

FOR 7: Infrared Tape Measure

FOR 8: Range Finder Hunting

FOR 9: Electronic Devices

FOR 10: Surveying Equipment

FOR 11: Digital Tape

FOR 12: Range Finder Scope


1: House surveyApply

2: Length measurementApply 

3: Height measurementApply 

4: Road worksApply 

5: Bridge engineeringApply 

6: Outdoor sportsApply 

7: Geological EngineeringApply 

8: Railway engineeringApply 

9: Distance measurementApply 

10: House acceptanceApply 

11: House acceptanceApply 

12: Electronic RangefinderApply 

13: Laser Meter Construction

Package Includes:

1 x Digital Laser Distance Meter