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Product Specification

The ideal tool for several occasions, including speech, teaching, meeting and work. Combined main function: laser pointer, mouse, mark, Page Up / Down, Full / dark screen, volume control.
◆ With its multimedia keys, you can control it flexibly in your hand when surfing the Internet, watching TV, listening to music and playing.
◆ Strong compatibility with several devices: laptop, desktop computer, smart TV, projector, top game box, and so on.
◆ GHz RF technology offers stable transmission, accurate localization and excellent anti-interference.
◆ The stereoscopic line design on the back strengthens the anti-slip property and heat dispersion.
◆ General dry battery use with 300mAh battery capacity, long battery life and easy replacement.
◆ The humanization appearance design gives you an excellent and comfortable feeling.
◆ Wireless range of up to 30m
◆ Supports plug and play.
Brand: Vesine
Model: VXS
Item name: wireless presenter
RF frequency: GHz
Laser beam: laser 3A
Output power: <5 MW
Laser distance: 200 m
Length of the laser wave: nm (red)
Operating voltage: 3.6 V
Sleep current: <10uA
Weight: Approx. 30.8G
Diameter: Approx.140 x 30 x 12mm
Package weight: Approx.118G
Package size: 160x90x25mm
Security warning:
Do not throw it into fire or water because the product is incorporated in the lithiumion battery.
A laser pointer does not shine in a person's eyes.
Don't give it to children as a toy.
Package Content:
1x Wireless Presenter Pen
1x USB Receiver
1x Micro USB Cable
1x User Manual