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Product Specification

Wireless presenters can enhance any presentation. With a wireless presenter, you can walk around and engage your audience directly, instead of fumbling with keyboard or mouses, stuck in front of a computer.
Amazing Function
Advanced wireless presentation remote V9 goes beyond laser pointing, Page Up and Down, Windows Switching and Fade the Screen to Black, so you can interact with content on the screen. The amazing of V9 is that can open links and Media Volume Adjustment.
100 Ft. Wireless Ranges
The most important aspect of a wireless presenter is the wireless part. How far the presenter can transmit its signal is very important. With a 100-foot wireless range, the Vesine V9 allows you to be anywhere you want to be during your presentation.
Universal Compatibility
Professional presenter V9 is plug-and-play on most devices, operating systems and leading presentation software. But the Mac OS just compatible with Page Up and Down, Black Screen and Volume Adjustment.
Quick Recharging
The professional wireless presenter V9 built-in Li-polymer battery to power the laser pointer and wireless capability. Never worry about your remote losing power in the middle of a presentation. Present for up to three hours on a quick one-minute charge. A full charge lasts up to 1 months. 
Simple Touch Button
Having too many buttons on a wireless presenter can be frustrating. However, not having enough quick-to-use functions at hand can also hamper your performance. The V9 finds a happy medium with five different buttons, all placed in logical positions. This is important because you won't have to look down at the presenter every time.
Package includes:
1 x Laser Flip Pen
1 x USB wireless receiver
1 x Charging cable
1 x Pouch
1 x User Manual
NOTE: The wireless presenter isn’t a toy, don’t direct into people’s eyes or animals in any case.