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Laser Module

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Product Specification

Material:hard aluminum + brass
Wavelength: 450nm (Blue-ray)
Power: 10W
Focal length:can be adjusted
Heat dissipation:Fan
Laser Head Size:about 75mm x 33mm x 33mm
Module Size:about 50mm x 36mm x28mm
Adapter Size:about 113 x 55 x 30mm
Operating Voltage: DC 12V
Working Current: 5A
Focal length: 16mm
Drive module: TTL (control laser switch)
- Can be used for engraving, cutting; can Carving stainless steel, iron, anodized aluminum, ceramics, stone, wood, bamboo, leather, plastics, etc.
1. Do not expose the eyes, otherwise it will cause permanent blindness,
the consequences at your own risk.
2. Prohibited for use in flammable and gas atmospheres.
3. Prohibit children from exposure to this laser product.
4. Do not open the module to avoid damage.
Package Included
1 x 10W Laser Head Engraving Module
1 x Adapter
(Distribute the adapter according to your country)