CNC Roller Rotation Axis Rotary Attachment Rotate Engraving Module Stepper Motor Roller Rotate Engraving For Cutting Machine

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Product Specification

Product name
Cylindrical rotation axis platform
Three-speed adjustment rotating shaft
Applicable materials
Cans, cylindrical thermos cups, wood, etc.
DIY user choice
Suitable for users of 2-axis engraving machine
Maximum wire cutting speed
30 (mm/s)
Maximum marking depth
1 (mm)
Positioning accuracy
0.1 (mm)
Fast forward speed
800 (mm/min)

1.Amazing Rotate Y Axis Upgrade Kit, turns your Laser  Engraver  to a rotating engraving machine, perfect for engraving cylinder objects, cans, pens, balls and other engravable columns.
2.This perfect DIY kit can make your Engraver enable to engraving cylinder objects.
3.No need to change software, control board or any other accessories.
4.3 Steps quick to install Rotate Engraving Module, enjoy the amazing changes.
5.You can adjust the distance to suit the cylinder object diameter.

How to install Rotate Engraving Module:
1. Pull out the 4-pin wire on X or Y axis stepper motor of  Engraver.
2. Then insert the wire on stepper motor of Rotate Engraving Module.
3. Place Rotate Engraving Module under the laser module and start to engrave.

Package Included:
1 x Rotate Engraving Module Y Axis Upgrade Kit

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