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Laser Boresighter

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Product Specification

Caution: Avoid direct eye exposure to the laser beam. Laser radiation is emitted from the aperture.
Housing Material: Brass
Laser Type: Red Laser
Laser Wavelength: 635-655mm
Max Output Power: <5mW
Power Supply: 3Pcs LR41 Batteries (NOT Included)
Battery Installation: Positive side facing outwards. Look at your button cell battery, you will see "+" on the flat side commonly, which means positive. And the other slightly rounded side is the negative side.
- The laser bore sighter cartridge fits CAL 7x57R.
- Great for the range and ensuring your tactical equipment is still zeroed in after travel.
- It projects a straight laser beam allowing precise optical adjustments to sight in your scopes or sights.
How to Use:
- Battery Installation: Simply twist the end cap counterclockwise to open the battery housing, insert batteries and all anode facing outwards. Be certain that the batteries are all facing in proper direction.
- Turn On: Insert batteries then turn the end cap clockwise until it's slightly snug. At this point you should see the red laser dot.
- Turn Off: No off switch, you need to open the end cap and take the batteries out.
- About Storgae: If you plan to store the boresighter for a long period of time without use, remove the batteries to preserve power, place the sighter in a cool, dry place.
Package Included:
1 x Laser Bore Sighter
1 x User Manual
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