SCULPFUN S9 Air Assist Nozzle Kit with US Version 110V 30L/min Air Pump Full Metal Structure Nozzle for S9 Lasers for Sale with BTC on


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Product Specification


This Ai Pump included in this Kit is US PLUG 110V, to get EU Version 220V ,you could click the link below,Full-Metal-Structure-Nozzle-for-S9-Lasers-p-1963491.html?cur_warehouse=CN


1. Because of the powerful laser with air assist, it is forbidden to run the engraving machine unattended. Stop it if you're not around.
2. For detailed machine instructions, please refer to the manual for parameter settings.
3. When operating the laser engraving machine, please wear protective goggles.
4. Do not touch the laser with your hands, otherwise, you may burn your hands.
5. Please avoid a strong impact on the machine.
6. It is forbidden for children under 14 years old to use this product, and children over 14 years old need adults' attention.
7. Do not use the laser directly on any specular reflection object, which may cause injury to the operator or burn the laser.
Air Pump: Note that when you buy the kit that includes an air pump you need to double-check that the voltage matches your local voltage. US version 110V, European version 220V, please select the correct version.


Official SCULPFUN S9 Air Assist
This is a standard S9 air assist nozzle designed by SCULPFUN, it is an all-metal structure and fits perfectly with the S9 laser. You only need a few minutes to install it.
High-speed Air Assist Nozzle
Like the S10 nozzle, it is a high-speed air-assist nozzle with an advanced fluid mechanics design. Only a 30L/min air pump can achieve a high-speed airflow of 13.5m/s.
Faster and Cleaner Cutting
S9 air assist will greatly improve the cutting ability of the S9 laser. With air-assist S9 cuts plywood and MDF boards 2-3 times faster, and cutting surfaces are cleaner and have no smoky.
Excellent Air Sealing
The S9 nozzle has a sealing ring, and the air of the air pump will not leak from the gap. In addition, the sealing keeps out dust, which will increase the lifespan of the S9 lens.
Complete Accessories
The product includes SCULPFUN 30L/min silent air pump, S9 air assist nozzle, air pipe, sealing ring, and other installation accessories you need. You don't need to buy additional accessories, directly to upgrade the S9 machine.

Interface diameter size:

Air-assisted copper tube outer diameter: 8mm

Inner diameter of air pipe: 7.5mm

Package weight: 1.76kg

Packing size: 255*192*145mm

SCULPFUN S9 Air Assist packing list:

1× 30L/min air pump US Version 110V

1× Nozzle Kit

1× 2 meters air pipe

1× Tool Kit

1× Manual