ATOMSTACK Extension Kit Larger Engraving Area For A5/X7/A10/S10 Laser Engraving Machine Expansion Kit High Precision Quick Assembly for Sale with BTC on


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Product Specification


ATOMSTACK laser engraving machine engraving area extension kit, used to expand the engraving area of the A5/X7/A10/S10 series engraving machine to 850x410mm, the engraving machine is the same color original metal profile with high precision and high stability.



Type (Optional):

Option 1 : For A5 Pro/A5 Pro+(Also Suitable For A5 10W / A5 20W / A5 30W / A5 M40 ï¼‰ 

Option 2 : For A10 Pro/A5 M50 Pro/A5 M50/S10 Pro/X7 Pro

Y-axis Extension Shaft Size: 1050mm

Engraving Enlargement Size: 410*850mm

Product Net Weight: 1.21Kg

Package Weight: 1.95Kg

Packing Size: 1125*305*220mm

Main Features

1. Quickly and Conveniently Expand the Engraving Area: Just replace the frame axis of the ATOMSTACK series engraving machine, you can get a large engraving area of 850*410, no need to purchase any additional accessories, to meet your large-area engraving needs.

2. High-Precision Original Profiles of the Same Color: The expansion kit adopts the original metal profiles of the same color as the A5/X7/A10/S10 series of engraving machines to expand the engraving area while ensuring the stability and accuracy of the engraving machine.

3. No Additional Processing Need, Directly Use: The extension shaft is standardized processing, it can be directly assembled on the atomstack laser engraving machine without any other additional processing. There are other necessary accessories in the product list, including extension cables, belts, and screws. No need to purchase any additional accessories.

4. Applicable Models:

Type 1 : For ATOMSTACK A5 Pro/A5 Pro+

Type 2 : For A10 Pro/A5 M50 Pro/S10/X7

Package Included

2 x Y-axis Extension Shaft

1 x 2.8m Timing Belt

1 x Motherboard Connection Line

13 x Cable Tie

1 x Manual