OUMANTU 1804 Business Mens Backpack Laptop Bag Shoulders Storage Travel Outdoor Bag with USB Waterproof Schoolbag for Sale with BTC on Gipsybee.com


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Product Specification


1. Brand: Oumantu

2. Model: 1804

3. Size: 44 * 29 * 14 (24) cm

4. Capacity: 36-55L

5. Cover opening method: zipper

6. Bag shape: vertical square

7. Material: oxford cloth

8. Color: black, gray

9. Pattern: solid color

10. Lining texture: polyester

11. Lifting parts: soft handle

12. Type of outer bag: inner patch bag

13. Number of shoulder belts: double

14. Backpack system: air cushion strap

15. Bag shape: vertical square


1.  Side zipper expansion layer for increased bag capacity.

2.  Backpack fixed belt design, the backpack fixed on the trolley case, walking more easily.

3.  Scientific decompression of human body mechanics makes every trip easier.

4.  Thickened high density foam shoulder strap, soft fit back curve, effective decompression.

5.  Multi functional layered storage bag, convenient for classified storage of goods, neat and not messy.

6.  High quality oxford fabric, waterproof and wear-resistant.

7.  USB interface on the side of the backpack is designed to charge the mobile phone at any time.

8.  It can be carried horizontally or vertically.

Package Includes:

1 * Backpack