Magnetic USB C Adapter 20Pins Type C Connector PD 100W Quick Charge 10Gbp/s for Sale with BTC on


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Product Specification


- Support 20V, 5A fast charging
- Up to 10Gb/s data transfer
- Reversible plug design
- The 4-layer PCB ensures high current flow.
- The USB 3.1 socket is built to the shortest metal construction for durability.

20-pin magnetic USB C PD charging adapter
The 20-pin is the only magnetic USB C adapter with a new and innovative 20-pin design that is more stable and prevents short-circuit conditions caused by the 5-pin. 

4K Ultra HD
The gold plating process ensures stable data transfer. MagJet S 20 pin supports 4K @ 60Hz video output
Aluminum shell
The aluminum alloy case and 24K gold-plated 24K gold-plated and environmentally-friendly plastic make the product more durable, wear-resistant, energy-saving, and pressure-resistant - heat and heat resistant.
You can leave this connector on the charging port for a long time to prevent dust from falling onto the charging port.
Subminiature adapter
The usb c magnetic adapter is as small as a thin candy bar, so it's easy to put in a wallet or pocket for added convenience for travelers and merchants.