llano USB to RS232 Serial Cable USB to DB 9Pin Cable Adapter PL2303 Chip for Windows 7 8 1 XP Vista for Mac OS USB RS232 COM for Sale with BTC on Gipsybee.com


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Product Specification


● Chip integrated driver, Plug and play
No need to download and install driver for win 8/10 system under networked conditions

● Smart chip
Using original imported chips, supporting RS232 full-duplex protocol. Signal transmission is more stable.

● Computer expansion COM port
Through the USB interface to the serial communication interface, the computer can be connected

● Staff attendance, Easy to manage
The computer is connected to the attendance machine, and the instant communication is not delayed

● Wide range of applications, Meet different needs
Suitable for connecting computers and various RS232 devices.

● Anti-interference, Multiple shielding
The internal selection of thickened oxygen-free same core, plus multi-layer shielding industrial-grade standard wire.

● More technical support
Support RS232 serial interface, support remote wake-up, Power management, handshake protocol supporting fully automatic communication.


Brand: llano
Model: LCS3012B/LCS3020B
Product name: USB to RS232 serial cable
Wire core material: tinned copper
Chip: Taiwan Wangjiu PL2303
USB interface: USB2.0
Wire length: 1.2m/2m
Net weight: 13.5g

Package Content:

1 * USB to RS232 serial cable (1.5m/2m optional)