llano Laptop Bag Large Capacity Multi pocket Mouse Pad Laptop Case Dual Use Waterproof Handheld Laptop Sleeve Briefcase with Handle for 14 1 15 4 / 13 13 3 / 15 6 Laptop for Sale with BTC on Gipsybee.com


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Product Specification


● PU sheepskin surface, waterproof and tear-resistant; thicken PE cotton middle layer, shock and bump resistance; lengthened fleece inner layer, delicate fit and well protection.
● Thin and portable design. Only 240g, 20mm thickness, light and portable.
● Large-capacity multi-pocket storage design. It can store all kinds of small objects to meet daily travel needs.
● Trolley bag design. The inner bag can be used to fix the computer on the luggage trolley, and it is more convenient to travel with only one hand to drag the luggage.
● Mouse pad + liner bag dual use. Start working anytime, anywhere, say googbye to the inconvenience of temporary work, flexible and convenient.
● Splash-proof and water-repellent design. Just wipe it gently when it gets wet, and it won't penetrate into the interior.


Brand: llano
Name: Multifunctional laptop bag
color: grey
Material: Sheepskin
Inside: thickened fluff + thickened PE cotton
Size: suitable for 14.1-15.4" / 13-13.3" / 15.6" laptop

Package Content:

1 * laptop bag