ITHOO Laptop External PCI E Independent Graphics Card Mini PCI E1X to 16X Adapter Card Expansion Card for Sale with BTC on


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Product Specification



1. Brand: ITHOO

2. Model: pce164p-n03 ver006c

3. Name: Mini PCI-E to 16x

4. Wire length: 60cm

5. Product interface: PCI-E 1x PCI-E 16x

6. Chip: 1084

7. Style: blue board 6pin, black board 6pin, black board 4pin

8. Support system: compatible with all Windows systems and Linux



1. Four solid state capacitors are used in the power supply of the video card (of which the big 4Pin is three capacitors), which makes the power supply of the display card more stable and safe.

2. The adapter card has a 6pin interface or a big 4Pin interface, which makes the power supply of the display card independent from the main board, thus reducing the burden of the main board when connecting multiple graphics cards.

3. The slot is routed to the right to facilitate the wiring of 2U chassis. The original imported connector is used in the video card slot, so the contact between the graphics card and the connector is better.

4. PCI-E connector adopts multi-layer shielded wire, which can connect 3M without attenuation signal

5. The USB cable is convenient and stable.

6. The slot is equipped with a fixed clip, which is more convenient to remove and fix the video card, and the video card will not fall off from the slot.

Package Includes:

1 * PCI-E end motherboard

1 * 16X end motherboard

1 * USB3.0 cable

1 * SATA-8pin power cord