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Product Specification


- Model: XN-2076

- Style: multifunctional backpack

- Size: 31 * 15 * 47cm

- Color: black

- Capacity: 20-35L

- Style: black regular, black upgrade with USB interface

- Material: oxford

- Lining texture: polyester

- Number of shoulder belts: double

- Bag shape: vertical square

- Cover opening method: zipper

- Bag internal structure: zipper bag, mobile phone bag, computer pocket

- Computer size: 15.6 inches

- Purpose: leisure / bad / play / shopping


- S-shaped shoulder strap design, ergonomic design, relieve pressure.

- Large capacity multi-layer storage space design, to meet your daily needs.

- Backpacker line reinforcement, effective load-bearing, so that the package is strong and durable.

- Widen and thicken ergonomic shoulder belt, balance stress, protect spine, reduce shoulder pressure.

- High density waterproof fabric is not easy to penetrate into water and can walk freely in rainy days.

- Elastic honeycomb strap, 2cm elastic and durable strap, stress, load reduction, ventilation effect.

- USB interface on the side of the backpack, is designed to charge the mobile phone at any time.

Package Includes:

1 * Backpack