6 Fans Laptop Cooler Stand Riser RGB Cooling Pad Gaming RGB LED Screen with Mobile Phone Holder for Under 21 Laptop for Sale with BTC on Gipsybee.com


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Product Specification

Large size
The large size is compatible with notebook computers under 21 inches.
Cool lighting effect
Cool RGB lighting brings you visual and spiritual pleasure.
The product is equipped with a mobile phone holder, which can be used for games and dramas, and it is easy to operate.
Big wind force
The strong wind dissipates heat, and you can play games smoothly. The six-core wind force can easily cool down your computer.
Adjustable height
6 levels of height adjustment, to meet different sitting postures, how comfortable and how to use it.
Silent work
The fan works super quietly, and does not disturb the people around you.
High-definition LCD display, visual design, easy adjustment of wind speed and lighting effects.
With dual USB ports, it can be connected to an external power supply or power supply.
Appearance design
It has a hidden anti-skid baffle, a metal load-bearing support rod, and a metal fuel injection mesh panel, which is convenient for your use.

Fan color(Option): Blue/Red
Body color: Black
Material: Metal net
Input power: 4.5W
Rated current: 0.9A
Small fan speed: 1500Âmore or less10%RPM
Large fan speed: 1400Âmore or less10%RPM
Power supply mode: USB power supply
Noise level: 21-23dB
Large fan diameter: About 100MM/3.9â€
Small fan diameter: About 70MM/2.8â€
Thickness when folded: About 38MM/1.8â€
Product size(L x W): About 407 x 296MM/16.0 x 11.7â€

Package Includes:
1 x Laptop cooling bracket(Blue/Red)
1 x USB cable
1 x User's manual