15 6 Waterproof Notebook Sleeve Bag Case For Lenovo MacBook Apple xiaomi Laptop for Sale with BTC on Gipsybee.com


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Product Specification

Simple Stylish laptop sleeve, Distinctive design.  
Waterproof breathable:Double Meoprene Eco-Friendly Material Protect your laptop waterproof and shockproof.Durable and keeps good shape for long time.
Shockproof ,Anti-bump & Anti-drop:Thick and High elastic sponge padding layer, it protects your latop against shock and bump.
Anti-Scratch & Anti-Static electricity: fluffy flannel linning,it protects your laptop from scratching and static electricity.
Built-in attachment pocket for power adapter,mouse and phone, The bag is still slim, beautiful,clean and light.

Size: 15.6 inch
Material: Polyester
Optional Colors: black,pink,blue,gray,navy blue

Package included
1 x 15.6" laptop bag

Pls attention: The bag four corner all are round, the corner dimension is small than above bag info.

All bag each side inner dimension is small about 1.5 ~2.5 cm than outer dimension.