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Product Specification



- Brand: ICE COOREL 

- Model: T1

- Name: multifunctional monitor stand

- Color: black, white

- Material: plastic

- Lighting: RGB, 9 lighting effects

- Load bearing capacity: About 30kg

- Product size: 550x200x75mm (unfolded)

                      410x200x75mm (folded)



- The material is solid, bearing 30kg, safe to use.

Increase the angle of view, refuse to do low head, healthy sitting, easy to deal with the work.

- Built in mobile phone, tablet bracket and sundry storage box, easy storage, more clean desktop.

- 4-port USB expansion interface, stable and efficient transmission, no longer need to bow and bend.

- The panel of the stand can be folded flexibly, occupying less space, the small desktop can also be used.

- LED lighting effect decoration on both sides, RGB lighting, 9 kinds of lighting effects, more sense of use experience.

Package Includes:

1 * Monitor stand