360 Rotation Laptop Stand Holder Notebook Bracket Aluminum Alloy Adjustable Height Cooling Pad for 10 17 3 Notebook for Sale with BTC on Gipsybee.com


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Laptop Stands

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Product Specification



- Product name: notebook aluminum alloy bracket

- Material: aluminum alloy + silica gel

- Color: silver

- Support: up to 10kg

- Base size: 25.8 * 20.2cm

- Panel size: 27.4 * 23.9cm

- Adjustable angle: 0° to 45°

- Adjustable height: 5.9" to 8.6"

- Applicable products: 10-17.3" notebook



- Aluminum alloy material has strong bearing capacity and stable support.

- Hollow heat dissipation and enhanced air circulation are conducive to computer ventilation and heat dissipation.

- Ergonomic design, which can lift the computer screen to a more comfortable viewing angle, and relieve the pressure on the spine and back.

- Soft silicone at the bottom increases friction and prevents the computer from sliding and scratching the desktop.

- Adjust the height of laptop stand by whirl the screw thread button, adjustable height from 5.9" to 8.6"

Package Includes:

1 * Lpatop stand