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Laptop Desk

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Product Specification

--Product Name:Folding table
--Color: Wood Color
--Material: Bamboo

- Less Messy Breakfast in Bed
Do you love to have breakfast in bed on Saturdays? No more dirty couches or sheets by eating in front of the TV. The size of the breakfast in bed tray, tv tray, lap tray, lap desks for adults and kids is perfect and there is enough room to put your legs without bumping the tray top. Surface of tray table is also large enough to hold an entire meal and it cleans super easily.
- Work From Your Bed or Recliner   
Are you looking for a laptop table for bed when working, so you can do it as good without getting up from couch or bed? Great temporary serving trays for kids to eat or to work on homework. You don't need any tools to assemble this lapdesk bedside table. Just lift it by the two handles and place it over your legs. Foldable wooden bamboo food tray, bed tray table, will stand on its legs on a bed or can be used flat as a serving tray for a server at a party.
- So Easy To Use   
This computer lap desk is also portable and very easy to storage due to its folding table legs. Each table for bed is equipped with hollowed out handles providing simple and efficient means of transporting the lightweight bed tables for eating and laptops. These tray tables will definitely come in handy for you and your family members at home, in any room, bedroom, dining room, hospital, at any restaurant, waiters, caterers, butler, or for anyone serving or catering food.
- Warm Prompt
Please confirm the product size before purchasing, to make sure the size of our product is in line with your requirements
- After-sale Service 
Since the satisfaction of customer is always our primary concern,so if you have any problem when using this product please don't hesitate to contact us first.
- Be made of bamboo material,durable in use
- Lightweight, Easy to carry
- Foldable Design,easy to carry

Package Includes:
1 x Bamboo Tea Table