MCDODO CH 810 GaN Three Ports Charger 100W PD Fast Charging Two Type C 1 USB A Adapter Smartphone Laptop Charging for Sale with BTC on


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Product Specification


1. GaN + Infineon CoolMOSâ„¢ Technology

-GaN, which is widely used in aerospace and military fields, is innovatively applied in charging electrical appliances. Through three-dimensional layout design, it realizes small volume, high power and low heat, and perfectly combines high efficiency and ease of use.

2. One For Three

-All-around charging station in palm, 2 type-C and 1 USB interface support laptop / tablet / mobile phone charging at the same time. Both Type-C port can out put 100W power, compatible with 100W and below devices.

3. Multilayer Heat Dissipation

-The combination of intelligent temperature control chip and 3D layout technology, with fireproof shell and 3D heat dissipation copper plate. So that the internal temperature quickly dispersed, really safe charging, long charge not hot.

4. AI Intelligent Control

-The built-in AI intelligent chip can intelligently identify the access devices and automatically distribute the current and electricity output from each port. So as to protect the mobile phone battery, no over charge.

5. High Compatibility

-Compatible with PD3.0, QC4.0+, QC3.0, SCP, FCP, AFC, PE and other mainstream fast charging protocols, mobile phones, laptops, game consoles can be fast charged.


Brand: Mcdodo

Model: CH-810

Name: GaN Three Ports Charger

Material: PC

Color: Black, White

Weight: 215g

Size: 82.4x30.6x57.7mm

Total Output: Max. 100W

Input: 100-240V-50/60Hz 1.5A


USB-C1/USB-C2: 3.3-20V:3A, 5V:3A, 9V:3A, 12V:3A.15V:3A.20V:5A  100W Max

USBA: 4.5V:5A,5V:4.5A,9V:3A,12V:2.5A, 20V:1.5A 30W Max

USB-C1+USB-C2: 65W+30W or 30W+65W(95W Max)

USB-C1/C2+USB-A: 65W+30W(95W Max

USB-C1+USB-C2+USB-A: USB-C1(60W)+USB-C2(20W)+USB-A(22.5W)

USBC-2: 5V:3A, 9V:2.22A, 12V=1.67A, USB-A: 4.5V:5A, 5V:4.5A, 9V:2.5A

Package Included:

1 x Charger

1 x EU Plug

1 x UK Plug

1 x User Manual