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Product Specification

- BLADE HOLDER: Provide a replacement blade holder additionally, rotate top safety cover to replace it, guarantee the durability of the pencil sharpener.
- EFFICIENT: suitable for 2 AA batteries(not including), press down pencil to start work and sharpen automatically, work well for colored pencils, lead pencils and only need 3-5 seconds to close finish work. Completing a lot sharpening work in a short time.
- MULTIFUNCTION: Manual and electric working state freely to switch just by adjusting conversion button, ensure the sharpener can still work if batteries cannot supply power.
- SAFETY: When transparent lateral cover is opening, the sharpener will stop working and avoid to hurt child's fingers

Type: Electric Pencil Sharpener
Power: 2 AA Batteries(Not including)
Drive: electric
Material: Metal+ABS
Color: black

Package Includes:
1 x Electric Pencil Sharpener