Mini PM2 5 Air Quality Tester Particulate Meter Monitor Rechargeable for Sale with BTC on


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Product Specification

1. Model: B35215
2. Material: ABS
3. Color: Gold
4. Detection Unit: ug/m³
5. Size: 60x60x60mm
1. Mini PM2.5 Dete, helps you to monitor PM2.5 and remind you the air quality.
2. Accurate detection, can detect 0.3μm particulate meter.
3. Touch button for easy operation.
4. Built-in 1200mah battery, rechargeable and can works for 4-6 hours.
5. Mini size, portable, can be used in home/car/office, etc.
6. Charging state indicator.
Test Result
Excellent: 0-35μg/m³
Acceptable: 35-75μg/m³
Mild Polluted: 75-115μg/m³
Middle Polluted: 115-150μg/m³
High Polluted: 150-250μg/m³
Severe Polluted: >250μg/m³

Package Included
1 x Mini PM2.5 Dete
1 x Charging Cable