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Laboratory Thermostatic Devices

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Product Specification

Name: 2L Foldable Squeezable Enema Bag
Material: Rubber
Color: Blue,Red
Capacity: 2L
Function: Cleaning away Bacteria and Reduces the Risk of Infections 
Size: 33x18cm
Pipe Length: 1.5m
- The enema bag is reusable, durable, convenient and safe. 
- Big capacity can clean and vaginal thoroughly. 
- Big mouth of bag is convenient to pour washings into it. 
- Cleaning away bacteria and reducing the risk of infections. 
- Being easily washable in warm water. 
- Promote gastrointestinal motility to relieve constipation for men and women. 
- Non-toxic,odorless,and extremely well-constructed
Package content:
1 X PVC Enema Bag 
1 X Enema Tube 
2 X Syringe pipe
1 X rotary flow control valve
1 X hook