NASUM 710 Respirator Half Face Cover Dust Mask with Filters for Industry/Spray/Paint/Agriculture for Sale with BTC on


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Product Specification


-High-quality materials: The silicone mixture, which seals the skin of the face better, is soft, comfortable and does not cause sensitization.
-Convenient and Easy to Wear: 1. Appropriate facial contour design provides users with a wide field of vision. 2. The flexible headband design ensures good wearing comfort.
-Ideal choice: no frequent changes required. The main body has a typical lifespan of 5 years, and these accessories can be swapped out based on how often they are used, which is very affordable.
-Focus on quality: NASUM's protective ranges include face covers, goggles, filter boxes, etc., which you can buy together. Suitable for science, outdoor work, shooting, workshop, DIY, laboratory, cleaning, construction, etc.


Style: Head-Mounted Primary
Material: rubber mouth edge
Dimension: 22cm x 10cm x 19cm (medium size)
Weight: 530g

Package included:

1 x Face Mask
1 x Goggles
4 x Filters Cotton
2 x Filter box stickers
2 x Plastic Covers
2 x Earplugs