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Product Specification


FM202C Full Face Cover-Make your life better.
Wide Range of Applications
Can be used in a variety of occasions
(1) Sawing Work
(2) Demolition Work
(3) Grinding Work
(4) Renovation Work
(5) Renovation Work
(6)Suitable for production in cement factories, ceramics factories, shipyards, metal smelting, power plants, stone processing, polishing, interior design, sawdust, wood processing, graffiti painting, wall art, powder processing, etc.


Material: ABS plastic, Silicone mixture
Model: FM202C
Size: Medium
Wearing Method: Headwear
Uses: Business or Home

When to change the filter cotton/ box?
1-3 weeks of use time. If the filter cotton is dirty or wet or you feel increased breathing resistance, replace the filter cotton immediately.

When to replace filter boxes?
200 hours of use time. Establish a replacement schedule is a need. After wearing it correctly, it should not smell any harmful smells. If you smell harmful smells, please leave the work area immediately and replace the filter box.
Note: The filter cotton and filter box cannot be washing.

Package Included:

1 x Full Face Cover
2 x Filter Boxes
16 x Filters Cotton
1 x Filter Tank
2 x Plastic Covers
1 x User Manual
1 x Black Storage bag