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Product Specification

Replaceable Carbon Filters Protective Mouth, Filter Accessories, for 8200, M101, M201, M301, M401, 308 Face Cover 


【Design for Face Cover】- M101, M201, M301, M401 Face Cover approved replacement accessories.
【4 Filter Cotton】- Each time, 2 pieces of cotton must be installed on the filter boxes. Filter cotton can protect you from solid and suspended particles.
【2 Filter Boxes & 2 Filter Covers】- The Filter Cartridge can be used to prevent some solid and suspended particles. The cover helps you attach the filter cotton to the cartridge, and reduces the possibility of you inhaling dust during DIY work.
【How to Install】- Put filter cotton on the filter box, Combine the filter box with a cover, Close them tightly. Aim two points of the filter box and the body of a face cover on a horizontal line, then loop them. Rotate the filter box clockwise to secure.
【Satisfactory Service】- Package Includes:4 x Filter Cotton, 2 x Filter Boxes,2 x Filter Covers. If you have any problems while using the item, please feel free to contact us. 

Package Included:

2 x Filter Box
2 x cotton Box
4 x Filter Cotton