100 yards Braided Elastic Band 1/4 Trim/Spandex/Mask String for Mask/DIY Crafts for Sale with BTC on Gipsybee.com


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Product Specification


- Premium quality braided elastic is made of polyester material,featuring with strong elasticity and flexibility.It is durable and gives you a fortable and breathable feeling.The elastic bands for sewing 6mm can be cut to any length you need and suitable for most DIY crafts
- The elastic cord is durable and breathable, ensuring breathable while maintaining durability, making it more comfortable to apply.
- Widely used for home decoration,belts,laces,headbands,hair bands,necklines,shorts,skirts,sleeves,tights,wigs,diaries,hats,bags and even DIY jewelry.


Size:100 yards(91m)
Width: 6mm
Color: White
Material: Polyester

Package Included:

1 roll of Elastic Band