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Product Specification

SOS Emergency Survival Equipment Kit Sports Tactical Hiking Camping Outdoor Tool

Box Color: Black
Box Size:
Type: SOS Tool

1. All in a package box, full-featured and wide range of use.
2. There is a about 3.5M standard seven-core umbrella rope, can be used for life rope when in emergency.
3. A fishing tool set is good for fishing, solve the outdoor problem of looking for food.
4. High frequency whistle, can used for asking for help. Also built-in a mirror.
5. The compass is used to identify the direction.
6. Fire stick is a survival suit for fire.
7. Suitable for outdoors activities and emergency.
Package Included
1 x Box
1 x Tool card
1 x 3.5 meters Umbrella rope
1 x Flashlight
1 x Fire stick
1 x Whistle+Compass
1 x Carabiner
1 x 3 meters Fishing line
2 x Fish crash
2 x Connector
2 x Float
2 x Pipe Hole Hook
2 x Bait
4 x Pin