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Product Specification

Technical Specifications:
Color: Black
Material: Chipboard
Raising Bracket Size(LxWxH): 50x20x13.2CM/19.7x7.9x5.2"
3-Layer Shelves(LxWxH): 25.6x20x23CM/10x7.9x9"

Features and Benefits:
Do you feel so painful after working a day at the computer? This is a solution to relieve neck and waist pain caused by prolonged exposure to the screen.
The display riser helps improve vision, increase comfort and protect your spine and neck.
In addition, it is also an ideal storage rack for keyboards, books, drinking glasses and other small items.

-Made of thicker plates, environmentally friendly, stable, easy to clean and durable.
The display riser can increase the height of the visual level, so you don't need to look down at the screen to effectively improve the ride comfort.
-The 3-layer shelf makes it easy for you to keep your favorite books, photos, alarm clocks, etc. at your fingertips for easy access and save space.
-Proper additional height provides maximum protection for your neck and spine, reducing pain and fatigue.
-Keep your desktop neat and tidy, perfect for home or office use.

Package Included:
1 x Raising Bracket
1 x 3-Layer Shelves