60mm Natural Agate Mortar With Pestle Lab Glassware Mixing Grinder Kit For Pharmaceutical for Sale with BTC on Gipsybee.com


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Product Specification

Name: Natural Agate Mortar
Color: Purple
Material: Agate
Inner Dia.: 60mm
Uses: Laboratory sample pretreatment of solid powder hand grinders for grinding and analysis of solid materials or for the mixing of powdered solids.
- The product has no cracks, no impurities and strong abrasion resistance;
- The product has high gloss and corrosion resistance and can be used in acidic abrasive materials;
- Made from imported Brazilian raw materials, with high purity and hardness, all meet the quality technical standards;
- Healthy and easy to carry;
 -Our natural agate mortar and grinding is literally rock hard, is non-porous, will not absorb flavors and odours, and its matte surface creates friction for grinding but is smooth enough to wipe clean easily;
- Mortar and Pestle Set Made from Agate, for grinding items into a fine paste or powder;
- Make aromatic dry rubs, curry pastes, pestos, nut butters, ground cinnamon or grind peppercorns, prepare holistic remedies, pulverize pills, and more;
- Great for Grinding Herbs, Spices, Nuts and Seeds to release their Aroma;
- Easy to use and clean, safe for easy cleanup;
- Suit for home or labs.
Package Included:
1 Pcs × Agate Mortar
1 Pcs × Pestle