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Product Specification

100PCS/Box PH Test Strips Precision Four-color Comparison 0-14 PH Measuring Drinking Water Quality Strips


- Four colour detection, high sensitivity: compared to three-colour detection, the simple four-colour pH test strip is moderately long. Each strip is approx. 8 cm tall. Detection makes it easier for people to determine the value of the liquid tested, which allows for the best results. 

- The pH test strip has precise colours and matches a high-quality material synthesis. The pH value of the colour chart on the packaging is easier to read.

- Precise and fast: With these pH test strips, you can quickly check the pH value of the liquid in a few seconds. Even if the colour of one panel is different, the other three fields can reliably get the results. Liquids with a pH of less than 7 are considered acidic, only 7 is neutral and more than 7 is alkaline.

- Wide application: the pH value test strip is suitable for measuring the pH value of different liquids. This test strip is small, more convenient to perform and for people who pay attention to acid-base balance, the best choice to measure anytime and anywhere. It is suitable for easy measurement in aquariums, pools or bath water.

How to use:

The measurement range of the pH test colour chart is between 0 and 14, and each field is 1.0. 

Simply dip all the pH bands in water for a few seconds, then wait for about 15 seconds, wait for the water to dry and then compare with the colour chart to determine the pH of the liquid.

Package includes: 

100Pcs/Box PH Test Strips


When not in use, the test paper can be placed in a newly sealed box that is not easy to get wet and damp to ensure the long life of the pH test paper.

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