FERTILE FDS1305F Programmable 110V/220V 30V 5A DC Power Supply Variable Adjustable High Precision 4 Digits Display Switching Regulated Power Supply for Sale with BTC on Gipsybee.com


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Product Specification


1. [High Precision and Wide Range]: Zefengsheng DC power supply is a professional power supply regulation device that designed with crystal clear, backlit 4-digit LED display of voltage, current, and power. Precise accuracy: 0.01V and 0.001A. You can easily tune it within 0-30V and 0-5A. Very durable and easy to observe even in low light conditions.

2. [Four Sets of Storage]: M1-M4 four groups of storage/recall buttons, lightly press the key, the indicator light is on, and recall the storage condition of this group, long press is the storage condition, long press until the indicator light is on, the condition is stored.

3. [Excellent Heat Dissipation]: Overvoltage or overcurrent can be protected by OVP/OCP in real time, lightly press to open/close, long press to set OVP/OCP value, when the actual output value is higher than the set value, the protection function is triggered to protect Circuit.

4. [Low ripple]: Low voltage fluctuation, low noise, stable output, low interference and effective, which is helpful to work needs.


Display (V/A)
Plug (Optional)EU Plug / US Plug

Rated Working Conditions

Rated Input voltageAC 110/220V Âmore or less10% / 50Hz
Output voltageDC 0-30V
Output current
DC 0-5A
Operating temperature0-40℃
Relative humidity
≤ 85%RH
Storage temperature
Relative humidity
≤ 85%RH

Technical Indicators

1. Voltage Stabilization Characteristics

Load regulation
Power regulation rate
Voltage resolution

4-Digit display: 10mV

3-Digit display: 100mV

Display accuracy 25℃Âmore or less5℃

≦Âmore or less(0.5%+20mV)

≦Âmore or less(0.5%+10mA)

Ripple 20Hz-20MHz
≦2mVr m s
Temperature Coefficient

2. Steady Flow Characteristics

Load regulation
Power regulation rate
Current resolution

4-Digit display: 1mA

3-Digit display: 10mA

Display accuracy 25℃Âmore or less5℃

≦Âmore or less(0.5%+20mV)

≦Âmore or less(0.5%+10mA)


4-Digit display: 1mA

3-Digit display: 100mA

Readback accuracy

4-Digit display≦ Âmore or less(0.2%+5 d)

3-Digit display≦ Âmore or less(0.4%+5 d)

Ripple 20Hz-20MHz
3mAr m s
Temperature Coefficient
0-30Âmore or less0.2%FS
Max voltage
0-30VÂmore or less0.2%
0-3A/0-5AÂmore or less0.2%FS
Max current
3/5AÂmore or less0.2%
Response time 10% of rated load

Voltage rise:≦100ms

Voltage drop:≦100ms

Cooling method
Cold wind

Produce Included:

1 XStabilizer
1 XFuse
1 XPower cable
1 XMannul