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Product Specification


1. [Introduction]: Adopt internal suction homogenization structure, high speed. It can perform high-efficiency homogenization, emulsification, and extraction of trace organic compounds, fat-soluble substances in water and soluble substances in organic solvents between two immiscible liquids.

2. [Usage]: The tissues of all kinds of animals and plants can reach the purpose of homogenization and mixing. Low speed can be used as a blender. Speed digital display, intuitive reading.

3. [Pulse mode]: This high speed homogenizer can work continuously no more than 5 minutes at a time. It is generally recommended to

play 1-2 minutes to suspend for 1-2 minutes, which can be repeated many times.

4. [Application]: This homogenizer can make the cell membrane rupture to nuclear separation, and can be used at different speeds to break the DNA chain, or make large molecules to break into small molecules.




Power supply voltage


Motor speed

 22000 rpm

Homogenization knife 1

 8000-18000 rpm

Homogenizer 2

 8000-20000 rpm

Working time

 5 minutes of continuous work



Whole machine weight


Ambient temperature


Produce Included:

1 X

 FSH-2A Homogenizer

1 X

 5ml homogenization cups

1 X

 10ml homogenization cups

1 X

 15ml homogenization cups

1 X

 20ml homogenization cups

2 X

 Stainless steel homogenizer knife

1 X

 Power cord

1 X

 Chinese manual