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Product Specification

Portable Sewing Machine Mini With Lamp Thread Cutter Extension Table Household

Item Specifics:
Type: Sewing Machine
Two Modes: Slow/Fast 
Size: 7.5*7.9*8.6 in/19*20*21.8cm
Material: Stainless Steel/ABS Plastic
Fit materials: jean, woolens, cotton, fleece.
Power Supply: AC adapter Or 4 x AA Battery (Not Included)
-Portable Mini Size: Made of plastic with a perfect mini size, save space for you. Better slight and more convenience in thread cutting. You can set it up in any room you prefer, with ease.
-Automatic Control or Foot Treadle: Mini sewing machine with foot pedal and automatic control switch,tow kinds of use method, you can choose the suitable one for yourself.
-Double Speed Switch: There are 2 speeds with L/H. The speed can be adjusted to ensure that any novice or even a master can work with on their projects in a hassle-free manner.
-Easy to Use & With Light: Mini sewing machine has light bulb for working lighting, built-in thread cutter no scissors needed. Good for beginners, for crafts, for home sewing and travelling using.
-Two Power Supply Modes: This mini sewing machine allows you powered by 4 x AA battery or power supply for it. You can enjoy sewing anywhere.

1. This is not a toy, please do not let children operate the sewing machine.
2. If the thread is loose when sewing, please tighten the upper elastic button slightly.
3. If there is a broken thread during sewing, the upper thread may be too tight, and the upper thread elastic button will be loosened. Or there is an error in the threading of the upper line, check the upper thread to wear the line.
4. If the bottom line is knotted when sewing: Please check if the upper thread threading order is correct.
5. If the bottom thread cannot be sewn on the upper thread, check that the threading direction of the sewing needle is correct.
6. The soft and stretched fabric has a poor sewing effect and can be sewn. Such as gauze, towels, etc.
7. Power You can only select one type of power supply and not both. Otherwise, the machine will not run or be damaged!

Package Included:
1 x Handheld Sewing Machine (NOT Included Battery) 
1 x AU/EU/US/UK Plug Adapter
1 x Foot Pedal
4 x Bobbin with Thread
1 x Spare Needle
10 x Needle
2 x Threader
1 x Tape
1 x Manual
1 x Scissor
1 x Extension table