12V 100-500MM 20MM/S 800N Stroke Tubular Motor Electric Linear Actuator Motor for Sale with BTC on Gipsybee.com


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Product Specification

1. This miniature linear actuator is using for industrial, agricultural machinery, construction, clean sweeping vehicles, vessels, cargo and many other applications.
2. It can be replaced by hydraulic, pneumatic products ideal for saving energy consumption.

Aluminum alloy
Load capacity
Input Voltage
12V DC
Stroke Length
Working frequency

1. Push bar Each side contains a travel limit switch. When the telescopic bar runs to the top or to the top, it will automatically disconnect the electricity.
2. The motor will not idle. Cut off the power, it can be stop at any position, with self-locking function.
3. The push rod is driven by a DC motor with a screw drive. The telescopic rod can only be retracted without rotation.
4. The motor is positive and negative. For example, if the positive electrode is stretched and the negative electrode is shrunk, the telescopic direction of the rod can be changed by changing it.
5. Ambient temperature -25°C to +65°C.
6. Standard protection class: IP54.
7. Low noise design, noise level less than 50dB.
8. Please do not disassemble the machine.
9. Product features: drive other objects to push, pull, rise, drop.
10. Product Applications: TV lift tables, massage beds, electric beds, medical chairs, electric equipment, micro-devices, electric sofas, camera frames, cameras and more.

1. Before use, first recognize whether the motor voltage is correct. If it is a DC motor, then also consider that the power supply current is sufficient.
2. Do not store or operate in high temperature or humid environment, and do not place in corrosive gas, which will reduce motor efficiency.
3. When soldering is required on the positive and negative power supply's motor terminals, the soldering iron temperature is 340°C±40°C. Within 3 seconds of heating time.
4. Do not deform the plastic.
5. When installing the motor, pay attention to whether the screws are too long and the company must not over-press the long screws to the parts inside the motor.

Please Note:  
Bracket and controllers need to be purchased separately, please search our products in our shop, and purchase the suitable kit.

Package Included:
1×Linear Actuator Motor

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