Ceramics Vase Simple Iron Frame Hydroponics Soil Culture Green Radish Insert Flower Pot for Sale with BTC on Gipsybee.com


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Lab Clamp & Stand

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Product Specification

Material: Ceramics + Wire
Style: Nordic style
Project Type: Decorative Flower Pot
Function: soil and water planting, artificial flower decoration, etc.
Applicable ways: combination type, desktop type
Type Color Size Size Details
#1 White Small 8*12.2cm/3.1*4.8in
#2 White Medium 8*14.3cm/3.1*5.6in
#3 White Large 8*16.5cm/3.1*6.5in
#4 Black Small 8*12.2cm/3.1*4.8in
#5 Black Medium 8*14.3cm/3.1*5.6in
#6 Black Large 8*16.5cm/3.1*6.5in
#7 Gold Small 8*12.2cm/3.1*4.8in
#8 Gold Medium 8*14.3cm/3.1*5.6in
#9 Gold Large 8*16.5cm/3.1*6.5in
- Durable, environmental friendly, nordic style, home creative decoration, furnishing and craft ornament.
- Ceramics vase and black/white/gold iron bracket, looks elegant, not easy to deform, strong and durable, drought resistance, match kinds of furniture design.
- Simple and creative design flowerpots, very suitable for planting succulents, bryophytes, a touch of green on the desktop, perfect decoration to your home.
- Suitable for various scenes such, perfect for family green plant landscaping, office, home, shopping mart, hotel, bar, balcony garden, home gardening, coffee table display decorations.
Package Included:
1 Pcs x Metal Bracket
1 Pcs x Ceramic Bottles 
(Plants and Soil are Not Included)