1/2/3/5/7/10Gallon Felt Non Woven Pots Plant Grow Bag Planting Pouch Container Nursery Seedling Planting Breathable Barrel for Sale with BTC on Gipsybee.com


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Lab Clamp & Stand

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Product Specification

Material: Felt Non-Woven Fabric
Fabric Weight: 280GSM
Thickness: 1.5mm
Style: Country
Color: Green
Handle Quantity: 2

Size & Weight:
US-Gallon / Liter / DxH cm / DxH inch / Gram:
Type A: 1Gal / 3.5L / 19x15cm / 7.5x6inch / 40G

Type B: 3Gal / 10L / 25x22cm / 9.5x8.5inch / 70G
Type C: 5Gal / 17L / 30x25cm / 11.5x9.5inch / 90G
Type D: 7Gal / 28L / 35x27cm / 13.5x10.5inch / 110G
Type E: 10Gal / 35L / 40x30cm / 15.5x11.5inch / 130G

-Water-Absorbing & Water-Saving & Drought-Resistant
-Firm & Durable & Anti-Corrosion
Computer precise cutting, excellent standard workmanship.
Made of 280GSM non-woven felt & high-quality thread.
Careful sewing on the bottom, no worry about being crushed.
Trebling sewing on the handle, for convenient movement.
High strength, corrosion resistance, lifespan up to 3 years.

Home, hotel, office furnishing & greening & gardening, hotel greening
Flower bed nursery production
Vegetable Gardening, Seedling

Package Included:
1x Planter Pot