100Pcs/Lot 20/25/27/30mm Clear Plastic Coin Holder Universal Commemorative Coin Shell Collector for Sale with BTC on Gipsybee.com


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Lab Clamp & Stand

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Product Specification

Material: PS
Shape: Rectangle
Color: Clear
Capacity: For 100 Coins
Case Dimensions: - Length: 185mm/7.3";
                                    - Width: 120mm/4.7';
                                    - Thickness: 38mm/1.5".
Coin Holder Dimensions(Can hold the coins size): 20mm 25mm 27mm 30mm 
 â— This coin storage box is made of PS material, reusable and lightweight. Perfect for storage coins, make it easy to sort out the coins and keep coins in a good condition .
 â— The coin storage container can be holded 100 Coin Slabs. 
 â— This coin collecting holders with scratch resistance and comes with practical handle rim.
 â— These coins fit very tightly in coins slabs and are hard to remove once inserted. With coin slab holder make it very easy to carry.
 â— This coin collection box is suitable for awards ceremony, business gifts, exhibitions.
How to use: 
Separate the foam rings from the eva foam pads, then insert them into the round coin capsules and put the coins in the center of the rings, which will help to stop coins from sliding and scratching. 
Package Included: (Coins Are NOT included)
100 x Clear round coin collection capsules 
100 x Eva foam gaskets 
1 x Storage box