Male/Female 10mm/14mm/18mm Quartz Bowl Rette Nail Water Glass Stopper Pipe Straw for Sale with BTC on


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Product Specification

  Type Size
#1 Female 18mm
#2 Female 14mm
#3 Female 10mm
#4 Male 18mm
#5 Male 14mm
#6 Male 10mm
- High purity quartz products.The maximum temperature can reach 1450 degrees, and can be used for a long time at 1100 degrees centigrade.
- Corrosion resistance, acid resistance is 30 times of ceramic, 150 times of stainless steel.
- Good thermal stability: minimal thermal contraction coefficient of quartz glass, can withstand severe temperature change, the quartz glass is heated to 1100 DEG centigrade, the water will not burst into the room.
- Electrical insulation performance is good: quartz glass resistance value is equivalent to ten thousand times of ordinary glass, is an excellent electrical insulation material, even in low temperature also has good electrical properties.

Package Included:
1 Pcs x Quartz Bowl (Options: Male/Female 10mm/14mm/18mm)
(other stuff not includde)