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Lab Chemicals

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Product Specification

Type of mixer: multi-function mixer
Application: chemical engineering
Material type: liquid-liquid
Applicable materials: others
Power type: electric
Layout: vertical
Mixing method: self-falling mixing
Operation mode: continuous operation mode
Stirring drum shape: disc type
Handling capacity range: 50-250l (L)
Device mode: mobile
Motor power: 220 (Kw)
Production capacity: 4000 (L)
Speed range: 4000 (r/min)
Barrel capacity: 100 (L)
Power: 60W, 100W

- Digital display agitator control panel shell is made of plastic material, more smooth, safe and not easy to scrape hands.
- Tetrafluorin stirring rod, acid and alkali corrosion resistance, strong acid, strong alkali.
- Using permanent magnet dc motor, with a force speed control circuit, with power function, large function, small noise, stable speed, speed continuously adjustable advantages.
- Precise and steady mixing of liquid solution in a wide speed range is especially suitable for mixing large volume samples.

Package included:
1 x Electric Mixer

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